Away from your wife and miss her cooking? Then The  2nd Wife is your foodie partner

Keeping in mind that many may have settled in Kolkata, away from their family, in search of providing them with a better life, The 2nd Wife offers you deliciousness that you miss for being away from home. 

Bengalis being a “Khaddo Roshik” being separated from authentic Bengali dishes may be “stomach-wrecking” and hence we specialise in this particular cuisine. 

Serving you all the traditional and authentic flavours is our forte and we make sure every customer doesn't just get hit by mouth-watering spices but also with satisfaction. With hand-picked spices and maintenance of proper hygiene, we make our place suitable for daily meals.

We also provide combos and Thalis to make it easier for the office-goers and college students to have their daily full-course meal without having to purchase every item separately. 

What makes us different from all?

Bengali cuisine being our speciality we ensure that every mouthful feels like home. Even if you are away from your family, we make sure that every bite reminds you of them and secures your happiness. 

The 2nd Wife has been customers’ favourite owing to the service and taste we provide. Hence, don’t just drop in because we are saying so, let us serve you because we are favourite to all Bong-cuisine lovers. 

In addition, as we also focus on office-goers and college students we have kept our price-tags minimal to suit every individual.  Every dish is served at an inexpensive price without compromising on the taste, quality, hygiene and cleanliness. 

With utmost hygiene and cleanliness, you can be rest assured that your health will never be compromised. The 2nd Wife is known for the quality of the dishes offered, we add to it some of the palate-friendly spices to make it a go-to restaurant for all. 

Hence, whenever you miss the delicacies of your wife or mother, let The 2nd Wife serve you and satisfy your hunger.