A delightful journey to a flavorful experience


Keeping up to the Bengali tradition of food, Posto is well-known to be one of the best restaurants serving Bengali cuisine to the foodies. Under the umbrella of Bawarchi, Posto located in the vicinity of Garia, Posto encompasses all the possible Bengali delicacies from Lal Chicken, Echor Chingri to Mochar Ghonto.

With spices, hand-picked by our chefs, every gulp promotes your well-being. The aromatic food and its lip-smacking flavour will not only uplift your mood but also your day.


A lazy Sunday afternoon and you do not feel like cooking. Being a Sunday, you are craving for Bengali dishes. 

Won’t you be disheartened if you have to settle for something else leaving your cravings unaddressed?

Why compromise when you have Posto around?

Just drop by our eatery, choose from our menu and order for the dishes that make your tummy roar.

What makes us different?

Our chef scripts a love story with spices between you and the dish. This story is long carried and the commitment remains strong making each of our customers drop by over and over again.

Not just the usual – Macher Jhal and Murgi Kosha. By traditional Bengali cuisine, we mean every possible dish that your grandmother or great grandmother have cooked on special occasions.

Chitol macher muitha, Dab Chingri, Kochi Pathar Jhol, Muri Ghonto and what not. WE SERVE YOU ALL THAT YOUR HEART AND TUMMY NEEDS.

We just don’t stop! 

Posto also organizes for buffets now and then so that you can have a bite on a range of dishes on the same day and that too at a price much friendly to your pocket.

So pack your bags with appetite and get ready for a flavorful journey we are about to take you through.

Posto being a name resonating Bengali cuisine, we understand the food etiquette is highly important to you and takes you to the world full of nostalgia. We vouch to provide an experience to crave for the next time you think of Bengali food.

Being a Bengali, we know your love for food and your day and mood depends on the gulps you take. Our traditional Bengali food locks the spices that take you the ancient Bengali era and thus every time you drop by with a hungry stomach you leave with a happy tummy.

Hold on! 

You must be wondering, that a fine dining experience as such will cost you a fortune. Worry not, every dish that you lay your spoon on is highly pocket-friendly for every individual alike. Not just a dinner with your partner, bring in your family and friends over or celebrate your special day with us without the bill being heavy on your pocket. 

Don’t trust us? We won’t say much! Our customers are the answer to all your queries and worries.