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“There is no sincere love than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw



South Kolkata is renowned for its posh culture, lush green parks, bustling shopping centre, and of course – a unique gastronomic trip. Food has always been emotion and an escape. Tucked away in the bustling streets of Jadavpur (opp. JU campus), this is more of an adda place for friends than a family restaurant. But, you can certainly bring your betrothed and relatives for a gala family lunch or dinner at a pocket-friendly price. Known for their heavenly tasted Mughlai fare and arguably they are the best food in Kolkata that money can buy.

A brainchild of Mr. Rajiv Kumar Paul, Bawarchi is a legacy to a new arena of food habits and preferences. It has been witnessed that the people of Kolkata today search for a modern solution to traditional dining. With this idea in mind and a passion for food and dining, the team at Bawarchi offers you the best dining experience in Kolkata.         

Bawarchi is known for the revolutionary change that it brought to the variety of rolls. This difference in idea offered a prestigious exposure in Hindusthan Times under the title of “ROLL REVOLUTION IN CALCUTTA”, for providing the best rolls in Kolkata.     

With consistency, dedication and perseverance, Bawarchi, which started as a small roadside outlet is now known to be a profound multi-cuisine restaurant serving the dwellers of Kolkata. 

If you find yourself daydreaming about some deliciousness and wish to spice up your day, a visit to Bawarchi can be quite satisfying and satiating. Find the best and most gorgeous culinary delights that dwell in the southern part of the city at Bawarchi. 


Our History


With an unflinching commitment to serving quality and tasty food, Bawarchi is a quintessential multi-cuisine restaurant, strengthening its roots for 23 years. To embark on the livelihood, Mr. Rajiv Kumar Paul introduced Bawarchi to the foodies of Kolkata. The journey started as a common fast food outlet located at the Jadavpur CIT market complex and now reigns as a destination for foodies serving the best dining experience. Bawarchi initially originated to attract the young crowd of the Jadavpur University and its vicinity. 

Known for its royal choice of Biryani and its impeccable taste, this restaurant makes feasting most enjoyable when you have a warm company like your family & relatives! Starting with the magnificent Durga-Utsav to the mighty Kali Puja and Diwali – the months of October and November are full of festivities. To celebrate the arrival of festivals, Bawarchi originated in the year 1999 at Jadavpur, South Calcutta on the auspicious occasion of Mahalaya. 

Sheltered under Hindusthan concern, which is under the roof of the revolutionary Hindusthan sweets, under the guardianship of Sri Rabindra Kumar Paul, Bawarchi is the ideation of his most eminent successor Mr. Rajiv Kumar Paul. 

Mr. Rajiv Kumar gave a modern shape to the authentic that was well appreciated by the foodies of the city. After he geared up for a revolution, the restaurant now serves the most delectable items in this city of joy. 

As the name implies, this iconic eatery has been filling the bellies and hearts of many for more than a decade now. It is synonymous with good food, warm hospitality, and affordable pocket-pinch. It is located on the busiest alley in Jadavpur. The moment you step in, the aromatic smell from its kitchen will welcome you. Do not miss out on this gem of a place! 

With the rise in popularity and demand, Bawarchi spreads its culinary skill to other places and now reigns in places like Jadavpur, Behala, Chandannagar, Malda, Salkia(Howrah), Siliguri and Kalyani.  

Furthermore, Bawarchi also expands its group of companies and formed brands like Posto, Bhooter Raja Dilo Bor, Bellagio, The Nest Cafe, and Momose to offer food lovers a diverse spread of delectables. 

Sharing a similar food for thought, Mr. Rajiv Kumar Paul realised the desperate need for exquisite dishes for special occasions. Thus, offering the people of Kolkata outdoor catering services to add flavours, aroma and zest of spice to your special day.