The deliciousness of Tibet in Kolkata


Breaking news for all the Momo lovers – Momose is bringing to you a plate full of Tibetan flavours just near you. Hop in to travel to Tibet without any aeroplanes involved.

Yes, you heard it right! 

Momose is your destination to savour the Tibetan delicacies and earn an experience worth remembering. 

From Momos to Thukpas, we serve you all. We offer a wide range of momos for you to dive in, such as – 

  • Steamed Momo
  • Pan-fried Momo
  • Baked Momo
  • Tandoori Momo
  • Corn Momo
  • Cheese Momo 

Besides, we also offer you sandwiches and burgers to accompany your Momos. Momos have been our speciality since inception and we put our heart, soul and emotions in serving those for you. 

Special care is taken while preparing veg dishes, to make sure that the vegetarians too can bite on the deliciousness we bring to the table without any worries.

What’s more?

We also offer you “Momo dessert”!

Yes, with much of a buzz on Chocolate Momos, our chocolicious heaven is one of a kind. Loaded with melted chocolate inside and garnished with shredded chocolate on the top, we make sure that every mind takes you to a world of happiness.

And not to worry about the price – it is minimal and budget-friendly to suit people alike. Whether you come in with your family or is a college student hopping in with your friends after classes, we serve all.  
Alongside, you also get beverages and tea of all sorts, starting from hot chocolate, double espresso to Darjeeling tea or milk tea, we are expert in serving all. 

It’s not worth the wait!

Hurry, and drop by before all the seats get reserved and experience flavours like never before at a budget-friendly cost. 

Get all your friends and family to taste the best Tibetan dishes like no other.