Taking you to a world full of flavours


Need to try out some lip-smacking and overwhelming seafood or continental?

Well, then Bellagio is your destination!

With an array of food items, you can savour on several cuisines, such as – Indian, Tandoor, Continental, Chinese and Sea-food. 

Not only food, but we are also known to offer an atmosphere like no other. Celebrate your loved one’s special day or just drop by for a splendid lunch or dinner, Bellagio will not only serve but also treat you well. 

Our staff is well-trained to maintain proper hygiene, over-the-top service, friendly behaviour, and top-notch deliciousness.


Let us break it down for you!

The key aspects based on which restaurants are rated on are – 

  • Hygiene and cleanliness (which we top at)
  • Food quality (never like before) 
  • Flavours and taste (better than the rest) 
  • Service (makes you feel like home) 
  • Staff (treats you like one of your friends) 

You may ask that there are various restaurants of this sort available in Kolkata and then how are we different? 

 We don’t just focus on our dishes, of course, that being the main priority, we also prioritize your experience. Our customers are our valuable asset and hence we make sure that each one sitting on the table does not only leave with a broad smile but also a happy tummy.

Their fine dining experience holds the maximum importance for us and hence we strive hard to provide the same. Being a group of foodies ourselves we know that every mouthful matters for you, and hence we offer you the flavours that you are fond of. 

We make sure that each spice that goes into your dish are hand-picked by our head chefs and maintains the utmost quality. Besides the taste, we also keep in mind your health. The food you eat is one of the greatest factors determining your health and hence, the meat or vegetables you bite on is of top-quality. We make sure that the ingredients that go into your dish and the food are properly cooked to make it easy for you to digest.

Not to mention, our prices are pocket-friendly. To offer an extravagant dining experience to individuals alike our dishes are served at a budget-friendly price so that the bill does not become a burden on you and does not burn a hole in your pocket every time you drop in Bellagio.  

So, come and savour some of the best dishes in town with Bellagio on your side.