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The enchanting beginner

“When you start with mouthwatering food, you end with a great meal”

For people, who can’t eat well enough when alone, see what you can eat when you check our entrée menu… and for the entrees, you may choose any number of dishes for guests when you sit down for dinner…

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The sensual sailor

"The main course will taste like home when you have all the taste in it, including sweet-sour, spicy, or maybe a little bitter…"

To enhance your experience of dining at Bawarchi, we have several menu options. You may select the number of food items you prefer from the course, we can work together to personalize your items if you are seeking for a large event.

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The sugary climax

“With dessert give your sweet ending a new beginning”

If you love sweets, get a dessert delight every week day and weekend, with a lip-smacking Indian cuisine at Bawarchi. We have a range of delicacies on the plate to tickle your taste buds. We have a mouthwatering array of sparkling recipes from salad raitas, pineapple raitas to ice cream, cold drinks and Gulab Jamun for our visitors.

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Chef's Elegance

World class chefs meet elegant fine dining

Our Premier strengths


Our goal is to serve the best quality and affordable food for all generation food lovers in Bengal.

With years of experience in cooking and food service, our chefs and staff at BAWARCHI, are determined to provide the finest Multi-cuisine courses in a contemporary style, palatable to Bengalis. Our food items concentrate on Indian dishes in General, and other westernized recipes as well. We have experienced chefs skilled in preparing exclusive vegetarian and non-vegetarian courses.

The core ingredients of Indian cuisine lies in its spices and taste. Not just the flavor, but also the spices refresh your taste buds. With all this, in food, we bring familiar dishes with an unfamiliar taste, followed by mouthwatering aromas.

Cooking good food is like creating everlasting memories. At the utmost level, we make food memorable with a balance of joy and excitement in your experience. We follow the tradition, for cooking the food you love to eat, we try to serve it with a wide array of authentic Indian cuisine for our visitors.

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“Taste of Bawarchi’s”

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